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Funding Packages


Individual support plans under the NDIS will provide you with full choice and control over the support you receive.

Your plan might cover support you receive for daily living, aids and equipment, early intervention services, and anything else that will assist you to achieve greater independence and community participation.

Your support plan will be flexible and innovative, entirely built around your needs, goals, and aspirations.

Importantly, your plan will take into account the support provided by your family and carers and ensure that these can be sustained going forward.

Essentially, you will have flexibility to choose how, when and where you receive support.

You will be able to make decisions around how much you want to control the management of your funding.

You will also be empowered to look beyond your immediate needs and plan for your future.

You will also be able to make early investments to enrich your life.

Your plan will be able to evolve and change as your goals, preferences and needs change.

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