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Registered Plan Management Provider

Would you like someone to manage your funding package with you?  Plan Management may be what you are after.

A registered plan management provider is a term used to describe an individual or organisation that undertakes the management of funds of the supports of your plan.

You may request consideration of the use of a registered plan management provider to manage some or all of the funding for supports in your plan.

A registered plan management provider might undertake financial activities, or financial and service activities.

Financial activities include such things as the organising of providers and their payment, the processing of expense claims, the development of monthly statements for you, and claiming money from the National Disability Insurance Agency.

Service activities involve a range of activities to assist YOU in negotiating and coordinating the provision of your chosen support. This could include sourcing providers, negotiating method and timing of delivery of supports and negotiating individual requirements as part of the support management. Where possible a plan management provider will also assist in increasing your skills in all of these activities.

You can select CHOICES as your registered plan management provider and to be a provider of your other supports. We have mechanisms in place for dealing with any potential conflict of interest should you choose CHOICES to provide Plan Management as well as some or all of your other supports. These mechanisms include ethical, financial and administrative policies and procedures.

If you would like information on this service please complete the Contact Us form,tick Plan Management as a service you would like more information about and we will contact you.

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